Subscription Plans

Subscription Plans

Below is an overview of the subscription plans available for DayNight. While all plans offer the same set of features, the paid plans provide unlimited benefits to further enhance your productivity. Choose the plan that best suits your needs:

FeaturesFree planMonthly planAnnual planLifetime plan
Tasks limit5Unlimited*Unlimited*Unlimited*
Projects limit1Unlimited*Unlimited*Unlimited*
Smart Schedule manual events limit3Unlimited*Unlimited*Unlimited*
Shared Projects limit1Unlimited*Unlimited*Unlimited*
Pomodoro Timer
Levels and Graphs
Support Development
PriceFree$0.99 per month$9.99 per year$19.99 once

Please note that prices can vary based on countries and currencies. The specific pricing details for DayNight's subscription plans may differ depending on your location. We strive to offer competitive and reasonable pricing to our users worldwide.

It's important to mention that prices might change anytime. These adjustments are made to support the constant and high-quality development of DayNight, ensuring that we can continue to deliver valuable features and an exceptional user experience.

*Please note that while we use the term "Unlimited" for certain features, practical limits may apply to ensure fair usage and maintain optimal performance. These limits are implemented to ensure a smooth and reliable experience for everyone while also considering the costs and resources required to provide such services.