Home Page

Home Page

Welcome to the Home page of DayNight, your ultimate productivity companion. Here, you can easily track your daily goals and stay on top of your tasks. Let's explore the features available on the Home page:

Goal Tracking Graph


The Home page presents a visually intuitive graph that allows you to track your progress towards your daily goals. The graph consists of three colored lines:

  • Blue Line: Represents the tasks you have completed today.
  • Yellow Line: Indicates the tasks that are remaining to be completed for the day.
  • Pink Line: Highlights the tasks that were missed from the past.

By simply glancing at the graph, you can get an instant overview of your task completion status and stay motivated to accomplish your goals.

Time periods

Time Periods


DayNight offers convenient ways to manage your tasks. You can add thoughts or tasks without a specific date to the Inbox.


When you assign a task for today, it will automatically appear in the Today page, ensuring that you have a clear view of your immediate tasks. You can also view events from your iPhone calendar that are scheduled for today. This integration allows you to have a comprehensive view of your day, combining tasks and calendar events in one place.


For tasks that are scheduled for tomorrow and later, you can find them in the Upcoming page. The Upcoming page's calendar section displays events for tomorrow by default. However, you can easily change the date to any future day to view events scheduled for that specific day. This split calendar functionality keeps your today's events separate from the upcoming events.


Once you have completed a task, it is saved in the Log page. The Log serves as a record of your accomplishments, providing a sense of achievement and allowing you to review your progress over time.



Efficient task management involves organizing your tasks by projects. DayNight allows you to create and assign tasks to specific projects. By grouping related tasks together, you can easily focus on specific areas of your life or work.

The Home page also provides a convenient way to view all tasks related to a specific project by pressing on corresponding project. This allows you to stay organized and quickly access tasks associated with a particular project.

With these powerful features and organizational capabilities, DayNight empowers you to stay on track, accomplish your goals, and maintain a productive lifestyle.

Feel free to explore the various sections of the Home page and leverage the tools and insights offered to streamline your workflow and enhance your productivity journey.