To access the settings in the app, follow these steps:

Open Home Page

Go to the Home Page.

Drag down the screen

While on the Home Page, perform drag down swipe gesture on the screen.

Access your settings

This action will open up the Settings menu, providing you with access to various configuration options and preferences.

  • Status: Displays the available subscription plans or the current plan that has been purchased. It also shows the user ID and email information.
  • App Icon: Allows you to choose a different icon for the DayNight app, providing the ability to personalize its appearance.
  • Notification: Opens the iPhone settings to enable or disable notifications specifically for the DayNight app.
  • Sound Effects: Enables or disables sounds in the app, such as task completion sounds, if a quieter experience is preferred.
  • Theme: Provides a selection of predefined themes to change the colors and visual appearance of the app.
  • Biometrics: Allows the setup of biometric security, such as Touch ID or Face ID, to ensure that only authorized users can access the app.
  • Badge Count: Displays the number of tasks in the "Today" page and shows a corresponding badge count on the app's icon on the home screen of the iPhone.
  • Pomodoro: Enables or disables the option to create a Pomodoro timer, a popular technique for managing time and improving productivity.

  • Week Starts: Allows the customization of the first day of the week based on personal preference or regional settings.
  • 24-Hour Format: Provides the option to choose between a 12-hour or 24-hour format for displaying the time within the app.
  • Sort By: Allows the sorting of tasks based on various factors and provides the option to disable drag and drop functionality to maintain the chosen sorting order. Alternatively, tasks can be manually sorted by dragging and dropping them in the desired order.
  • Number of lines: Defines the number of lines to display for task names, ensuring that long task names are fully visible.
  • Default Task Color: Sets the default color for low-priority tasks, providing visual distinction based on priority levels.
  • Sign Out: Allows the user to sign out of their account, ensuring privacy and security.
  • Delete The Account: Provides an option to permanently delete the user's account and associated data.

  • Privacy Policy: Redirects to the privacy policy for a detailed overview of the app's data handling practices.
  • Terms of Use: Redirects to the terms of use for understanding the app's terms and conditions.
  • Share App: Provides the ability to share the DayNight app with others through various communication channels.
  • Contact Us: Offers a means to get in touch with the customer support team for assistance or inquiries.
  • Website: Redirects to the official DayNight website for additional information and resources.
  • Request a Feature: Allows users to suggest new features and provide feedback to contribute to the future development of the app.